May This Water Bring You Blessing


I had a brother-in-law who was a carrot farmer. He had acres and acres of carrots. He showed me one of his fields once. There were only carrots as far as the eye could see. I asked him, how do you keep it just carrots? He explained that there are herbicides designed to kill everything except the desired plant, in this case, carrots. So he did not need to hoe his carrot fields; nothing else would grow there. Of course we now know that decades of putting these herbicides and insecticides is poisoning Mother Earth’s life-blood, water. And through water, all of us.

I come from Alaska, one of the cleanest places on earth. Yet, some of the highest levels of pesticides on the planet are found in the breast milk of Inuit and Inupiaq women living in the Arctic Circle. These are people who do not eat my brother-in-law’s carrots. They eat the marine mammals they have eaten for thousands of years. Those innocent animals happen to be at the top of the global food chain. The pesticides and insecticides from our farms have made it into the ocean, into the algae and krill and fish that marine mammals eat.

WeAreAllWaterCrystaWater carries what it is given to carry, both blessing and curse. As Dr. Emoto has show so beautifully, if we bless and thank water, it becomes beautiful and alive, and it carries blessing and gratitude. If we curse water with ugly words or pesticides, herbicides, and other poisons, it carries that ugliness and poison downstream and into the larger water system, and to all of Earth, just as my own blood carries substances, good and bad, to every cell in my body. If we send hate, water carries hate. If we send love, it carries love.

We must fact two things at once. First, we are in every way complicit. When I understood that eating food with pesticides in Washington State was poisoning the breastmilk of my sisters in the Arctic Circle, I understood in my body what global connection meant. I am not separate. Even my thoughts affect the universe. Every breath and thought and action belongs to the greater reality. I am yours and you are mine. No one is outside the whole.

The second follows from the first, but is not generally acknowledged. We are powerful in ways we mostly cannot grasp. We tend to feel more comfortable with the first truth, that we are complicit, guilty of wrong-doing. We easily feel bad, or we feel defensive, which binds us up just as much.

We have a harder time facing that we have as much power—maybe more—to turn it all around. We have not begun to face the depth of our ability to love and to bless, and to solve the great and dangerous challenges of our day.

The next time you touch a river, or the ocean, or turn your face to the rain, know that I have sent you, personally, my love and blessing. And that I will practice doing so until you believe it, and can do no other than return all your love and blessing exactly to where it is needed.IMG_2813


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